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Distance never really matters when the care you feel for your loved ones is indefinite. We, at Healing Touristry realise this fact that folks always want to give personalised care & attention to their near & dear ones even if they are far from them. There are times when you wish you were there for the support of your beloved when they are in different country for their medical treatment but such situations are created that makes it impossible for you to be present there. Healing Touristry comes to your rescue in such circumstances as we offer compassionate, comprehensive and result-oriented care to your loved ones just the way you would have done.

Medical emergencies can’t be delayed and when you are distance apart from your much loved people, we take the full responsibility of the medical treatment as well as other required services that have to be given at most affordable cost. All you have to do is just send the patient’s previous health reports and relax as we take up rest of the work from here on with full responsibility and care. As soon as we receive a request from you regarding your or your near ones illness along with brief history of current and past medical records, we will work on it immediately and assist you with the medical treatment procedure that needs to go through. Our experts will guide you with every single detail so that you can make your arrangements accordingly.

Nowadays, there is a steep rise in the medical tourism and there are many factors that are responsible for this. Low cost treatment is the major reason for the people abroad to consider India for healthcare. However, there are many other benefits also that pull the NRIs for overseas treatment. The healthcare services are cost effective in India as compared to other affluent nations of the world because the charges of private hospitals for major surgeries are very less here. Foreign patients can book a package deal at comparatively low prices before coming to India that includes their flights and other transportations, hotel bookings, medical treatments and vacation post their operation.

Besides low cost, foreign tourists also find the services provided by the private hospitals to be top-notch. They have high standards in medical and surgical care, thereby providing the patient with very high quality medical services and personal care. Modern state-of-the-art technology is used to handle cases that seem very difficult. The waiting time for medical treatments is less in India as compared to other countries. You don’t have to wait for longer intervals to get yourself treated.

We, at healing Touristry completely understand that medical treatments outside your home country can be very tiring, hectic and stressful. They drain you not only physically but also emotionally. That is why we try our level best to ensure that you feel at home here and enjoy a hassle-free stay that helps you in your recovery. We work very closely with our expat bodies to make sure that the overseas patients have a comfortable and memorable stay in India. That is why we provide the patient with the best possible accommodation facilities.

Healing Touristry also ensures that our overseas patients have access to a multitude of facilities so that they can enjoy happy and safe healing. Our team members provide you dedicated assistance and take care of all your requirements. We can also arrange for your sim card on your request so that you can always stay connected with your family and friends.

We ensure that the widest possible strata of community get the best available Medicare and that too at a very reasonable price. We keep all the medical records and other personal information of the patient confidential. You can trust us completely and give us an opportunity to serve you in the best possible manner.