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Do you have the rough, scaly or dry patches of skin that is less than 1 inch in diameter? Are the patches colored as pink, brown or red? Do you feel the burning sensation or itching in the area that is affected? If you are having the symptoms, then you should have a visit to doctor because these are the symptoms of the disease actinic keratosis. It is also known as solar keratosis and that’s why the problem can show up on the areas like face, ears, lips, hands, scalp, neck and forearms as they are exposed to the sun. Now, what is actinic keratosis? Read ahead.
Actinic keratosis is a crusty or scaly bump that appears on the surface of the skin. The base of that patch might be dark or light, red, pink or the combination of these colors. The area affected itches and it can also be a first step for the development of the skin cancer. Don’t fret so much as the disease can be treated also. So, the actinic keratosis treatment options are excision (cutting the lesion from skin), cauterization (burning the esion with electric current), cryotherapy (lesion is sprayed with cryosurgery solution like liquid nitrogen), topical medical therapy (lesions are inflamed and destructed) and phototherapy (the lesion cells are killed by applying the solution and then exposed to intense laser light).
The treatments are easy and you must go to the doctor if you feel the symptoms above showing up because it is a precursor to skin cancer and you definitely do not want that by getting the disease diagnosed late, right?

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DENVAX is dendritic cell based cancer immunotherapy.

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