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Like the name is dangerous, the disease is also. Caused by a parasite named Trypanosoma brucei rhodesiense, it is carried by the tsetse fly. The easy name of this dangerous disease is sleeping sickness. The disease has two types: (a) East African trypanosomaniasis and (b) West African trypanosomaniasis.
The thing that will tell you whether you have the disease is African Trypanosomaniasis symptoms. Both types have the same symptoms except few. The symptoms that can be seen in both the types are the pain when you are bitten by tsetse fly, it is painful and develops to a red sore known as chancre; severe headaches; fever; skin rashes; extreme fatigue; aching joints and muscles; swollen lymph nodes and affecting central nervous system which hinders every action of the body like personality changes, slurred speech, difficulty in talking and walking and seizures. If the disease is left untreated, it can cause death in several months.
The treatment of both the types is possible. It is simply based on the symptoms of the patient and the laboratory results. The patient will have to be hospitalized for the treatment and there will be some periodic follow-up exams which include the spinal tap for almost 2 years take place.
So, the person who is facing the above mentioned symptoms needs to be taken to a doctor immediately because the delay will only make disease worse and that is definitely not good for the patient.

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