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Do you often feel nausea and vomit and also, have a poor appetite? Are your blood vessels spider-like in the skin? Do you feel like the fluid is building up in the abdominal cavity? Do you have Jaundice and the fever is accompanied with it? These symptoms might resemble some other disease also but if you are having these symptoms, then there is a chance that you might have alcoholic hepatitis. What it is now? Let’s know.
The word “hepatitis” is related to liver. It simply means the inflammation of the organ called liver which results in the damage of the cells of liver. Now, the disease alcoholic hepatitis is a complex one and is a precursor to the big disease called chronic liver disease and cirrhosis. The worst case scenario is if the person has developed the cirrhosis already, then the liver disease will simply progress to the failure of liver.
After knowing about alcoholic hepatitis and alcoholic hepatitis symptoms, there is one thing left and that is alcoholic hepatitis treatment. The treatment of the disease is based on the overall health and age of the patient with the tolerance level of the body for the medications. With this, the alcohol abstinence is must so that the hepatitis can be reversed. There is no cure for the disease but the treatment can reduce the symptoms and halt the progress of this disease.
As soon as you feel any of the symptoms, rush to a doctor. The sooner the disease is diagnosed, the better.

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