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About The Treatment

The name Angina Pectoris might look pretty but the disease that it holds is surely not. It is actually the recurring chest pain that occurs because of inadequate supply of blood and oxygen to the heart. This pretty named disease can also be a symptom of a major disease named coronary heart disease which occurs when the arteries carrying blood to the heart gets narrow and blocked because of the blood clots.
The thing that will let you be sure whether you or someone you know has this disease or not is Angina Pectoris symptoms. The most common symptoms for this disease are a squeezing, pressing or crushing pain in chest, usually under the breast bone. The pain can also occur in the neck, upper back or both arms. The other symptoms are the shortness of the breaths and weakness. See, the chest pain because of this pretty named disease starts with the physical exertion. The chest pain because of Angina relieves within few minutes usually by resting.
Now that you have known about the problem, why to keep solution aside, right? So, Angina pectoris treatment is a must thing to know. There are some things on which the treatment of the problem is based and they are the age and the overall health, the extent of the disease, and the medications and therapies that you can tolerate.
If you feel like you or someone close to you has been going through the symptoms above mentioned, consult a doctor so that the disease don’t get worse and get diagnosed early.