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About The Treatment

Have you ever got your ankle twisted? The pain and the swelling that it brings with it is quite unbearable. It leaves you breathless as soon as you get your ankle sprained, right? The ankle when twisted gets swollen and is painful is simply called ankle sprain. This means that the ligament present in the ankle is stretched and torn. You might feel that these sprains are common but not always they are minor injuries. If a person has severe sprains or repeated sprains, they can develop weakness and a long term joint pain.
With most sprains, the pain is felt right away where the ligaments tears. Immediately, the ankle starts to swell and bruise even, and the ankle area becomes tender to the touch and the movement hurts. In more severe cases, the person might feel or hear something tearing with the snap sound. At that moment, the pain will arise and you won’t be able to put weight on the foot. This one might take longer time to heal because the more severe the ankle sprain is, the longer it takes to heal.
For getting the ankle sprain treated, go for the RICE approach which means: Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. In case the pain is too much, you can go for taking some pain relievers. But do not think that the sprain will be okay with your treatment. Go to a doctor and get it checked because the ankle sprain might be worse than it is looking.