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Nobody likes getting bald, right? Many of us don’t even know that baldness is a disease and it has a medical term also, alopecia. Do you think that baldness is related to only men? If yes, then you are totally wrong. Baldness can also be seen in women though it is very much common in men. Baldness is an easy to understand term, right? Baldness means hair loss. There can be many reasons behind this and the baldness symptoms are simple like thinning of hair in skull and heavy hair fall.  
There are many causes for the baldness like harsh hair treatments (pulling hair tightly into a pony tail or using chemicals and dyes on hair), hormone imbalances (women usually have this cause as they have to undergo pregnancy, child birth, menopause, etc.), illness or surgery (the sickness can cause less hair production and an autoimmune condition known ad alopecia areata can cause rapid hair loss), medications and vitamins (many medications have side effects in which hair loss can be seen), nutritional deficits (bulimia or anorexia can cause hair follicles to cease growth) and aging.  
The causes are known now and the next one is treatment. The hair loss in women does not lead to complete baldness but the top of head and temples lose enough hair. The baldness treatments are topical creams and lotions (these can help in restoring some hair growth), anti-inflammatory medications, surgery. If you see no benefit of these treatments, the best and easy way is hair wigs.

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