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About The Treatment

Like the name looks scary, the disease is too. It is actually a serious complication of gastrosophageal reflux disease (GERD). In this scary named disease, the normal tissues of the food pipe lining turns into the tissues that resembles the intestine lining. There is an estimate that says that 10% of the people showing chronic GERD symptoms develop this disease.  
When it comes to the symptoms, Barrett’s esophagus has no specific ones but the patients have the symptoms which are related to GERD. This problem increases the risk in patients of developing the esophageal adenocarcinoma which is, in turn, a very serious and potentially dangerous cancer of the food pipe.  
The disease is never good and that’s why people need to know the treatment. So, Barrett’s esophagus treatment is basically done with the changes in lifestyle and some medications. The changes in the lifestyle includes steps like losing weight, duet changes, drinking plenty of water, avoiding caffeinated drinks, tobacco and alcohol, not lying for 3 hours after eating and sleeping with the raised head so that the acid from stomach shouldn’t flow up. The medications, whereas, includes H2 blockers that lessen stomach acid release, antacids, promotility agents that speed up the food movement to intestine from stomach and proton pump inhibitors which reduces the stomach acid production.  
If you feel some problem in your throat or your food pipe, you must go to a doctor and get the problem diagnosed so that if the problem is serious, you get treated early.

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