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About The Treatment

This cute named disease is not cute at all, to be honest. It is, in fact, a condition in which the face muscles of one side becomes weak enough or simply paralyzed. This cute named disease affects one side of the face only at a time and causes that side to become stiff or droop. The cause of the disease is a trauma to the seventh cranial nerve which is also known as “facial nerve.”  
Now, Bell’s palsy symptoms must be checked so that the person gets to know whether they have this disease or not. The symptoms are the problem in closing or blinking the eyelid, drooling, difficulty in chewing, the twitching facial muscles, watering of eye more than usual, numbness or pain behind the ear and decrease in sense of taste. The symptoms show up suddenly. The drooping or facial weakness reaches at its peak within a day or two.  
The next important thing that you must know is the Bell’s palsy treatment. Well, there is no such treatment which can stop it. If the disease is caused by herpes virus or shingles, then your doc might give you the antiviral  medication like acyclovir. A short course of the corticosteroid like prednisone can be given so that the effect of the disease lessens. The best treatment for the disease, though, is massage of the facial muscles. So, if you feel the symptoms showing up or you have got the problem, rush to a doctor and get it checked.