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About The Treatment

Who doesn’t love eating? There is no one who will say that they hate eating. But well, did you know that people do get a disease with the name binge eating disorder? Yes. The disease is definitely related to eating and in this disease, the person is unable to stop even after the person is full uncomfortably. They might eat a lot even without being hungry. That might sound strange but many people out there are suffering from this disease. This disease is more common in women than it is in men.  
The actual cause of the disease is not known though but experts say that disease comes with the depression. If the person is depressed, then they are going to eat more and eventually, develop this disease. So, if you or someone close to you have ever been physically or mentally or emotionally abused and have got depression, then coping with it will help in solving this disease also. The binge eating disorder symptoms are eating quickly than normal, eating alone so that nobody could see how much you’re eating, feeling guilty or depressed about eating, eating a lot even when you’re of hungry and eating enough to be full uncomfortably.  
Now, the binge eating disorder treatment is also there. The treatment includes the medications like Vyvanse which suppresses the desire to eat. There can also be cognitive behavior therapy which focuses on the things you do and the way you feel so as to understand your views about eating and understanding the binge triggers. Some antidepressants might also be prescribed as the disease goes hand in hand with it.