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About The Treatment

As we grow old, the body starts to get weak even after taking too much care. In most of the men, one of the changes is the increasing size of the prostate. Though it is a natural thing that happens with aging but it can lead to a disease named benign prostatic hyperplasia or BPH at some point. The prostate actually surround a part of the urethra, the tube which carries the semen and urine out if the penis. In the disease, prostate enlarges and this squeezes urethra and it can cause problem in pee. The disease is not a prostate cancer and won’t even make likely to get one.  
BPH symptoms that can help you in identifying the disease are dribbling even after you have finished peeing, weak stream or peeing in stops and starts and hard time in getting started to pee. See, the bladder muscles can get weak as bladder has to work hard for pushing urine out and this leafs to the feeling that you have to pee even after you just did that, urgent need to pee suddenly, going to pee too often and incontinence.  
The thing that needs to be known is BPH treatment and they are the changes in the lifestyle like doing exercises which can help in strengthening pelvic floor muscles, drinking less alcohol or caffeine and lowering the fluids amount. The other treatment is medication which can help in relaxing the prostate and bladder muscles, and surgery like laser therapy which is used to remove a part or prostate or transurethral resection.  
So, if you feel the above symptoms are showing up, then go to a doctor and get the problem diagnosed and get it treated.