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About The Treatment

Do you feel lightheadedness, dizziness and fatigue? Do you have chest pain and heart palpitations? Do you have high blood pressure? Dog out have edema or selling of you hands, feet and ankles? If these symptoms how up, then you must go to a doctor and get yourself checked because these symptoms are of none other disease but of cardiomyopathy. Now what is cardiomyopathy? It is actually a progressive disease of the heart muscle (myocardium). Most of the cases, the muscles of the heart get weak and then the heart is not able to pump up blood so that it can meet the requirement of the body. This disease can be caused by many factors like coronary heart diseases or drugs and can lead to the problems like heart failure, irregular heartbeat or heart valve problem.
The people who are at risk for this disease are the ones who have diabetes, who are obese, the ones dealing with coronary hear diseases, amyloidosis, sarcoidosis, alcoholism, hemochromatosis and long term high blood pressure. HIV treatments can also lead to this problem.  
The next important thing that you must know is the treatment for this disease. The cardiomyopathy treatment varies by depending on the extent if damage of the heart. The disease cannot be cured but it can be controlled with some options and they are heart healthy changes in lifestyle, surgically implanted devices like pacemaker, surgery, medications that treats Hugh blood pressure, keep heart at normal rhythm, reduce inflammation and prevent blood clots, heart transplant.  
If you feel that you or someone close to you have the symptoms discussed above, rush to a doctor and get it diagnosed and treated so that problem does not get out of hand.