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Did you know that the word carpal is related to the wrist? Well, it is related to the wrist and the thing that is sure now is that the disease carpal tunnel syndrome is related to hands and wrist only. The disease carpal tunnel syndrome is a tingling, numbness, weakness and other problems in the hands because of the pressure felt on the median nerve that is present in the wrist. The median nerve of the wrist and several tendons that goes from the forearm to the hands through a small space present in the wrist called carpal tunnel. This median nerve is responsible for controlling the feeling and movement in the thumb and the first three fingers. 

The disease can be seen with the help of symptoms. If a person is feeling pain in the arm between the hand and the elbow, the chances are that the person has that disease. Symptoms usually show up in the half of the ring finger, complete middle finger, index finger and thumb. If you find you little finger all good but other fingers are in trouble, the chances are that there is a problem of carpal tunnel syndrome. 

The carpal tunnel syndrome can be treated with home care. The treatment includes icing the wrist for 10 to 15 minutes in an hour, wearing wrist splint at night, stopping activities that cause numbness and pain and taking nonsteroidal anti inflammatory drugs for relieving pain and reducing swelling. If someone close to you or you yourself feel above symptoms showing up, consult a doctor and start taking treatment for getting it right soon.

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