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About The Treatment

This disease is the one that affects the ladies only. This is a cancer that occurs to a part of the reproductive system. Before knowing what cervical cancer is, know what cervix is. It is the lower part of uterus that eventually opens into vagina. When the abnormal cells on cervix grow out of control, then cervical cancer occurs. The good news is that this cancer be treated successfully if diagnosed early and it can be diagnosed by Pap Test.  
The cervical cancer symptoms will help in getting to know that whether someone has this trouble or not. By the way, it rarely shows the symptoms but there are some and they include the abnormal vaginal discharge, pain in the pelvic or lower belly, bleeding from vagina abnormally like between menstrual periods, after menopause or after sex, pain during sex. If you see any of such symptoms, rush to a doctor and get it checked so that the trouble doesn’t get worse.  
Now, there are obviously cervical cancer treatment present. The treatment for this cancer includes chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery (removal of pelvic lymph nodes without or with the ovaries or fallopian tubes). See, cancer is a deadly disease and it must not be ignored. If you feel there is some trouble, go to a doctor. And always get yourself checked periodically so that you are sure about your health.