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About The Treatment

This has been heard commonly but many of us do not even know what the disease cholera is. This one is an infectious disease which causes watery diarrhea in severe and leads to dehydration and death eventually if not treated soon. This little disease is caused by the bacterium called Vibrio cholerae found in contaminated food or water. There are many sources for the disease and is found in those areas where is no proper sanitation and people end up eating contaminated food and drinking contaminated water.  
The disease cholera leads to dehydration and that can be seen with the help of symptoms. So, the symptoms are low blood pressure, dry mucous membrane including the one present inside of eyelids, throat, mouth and nose, rapid heart rate, muscle cramps, loss of skin elasticity. The disease shows the symptoms like watery diarrhea with vomiting and simply reaching to dehydration. This disease can take a person’s death if not treated on time.
There are some treatment present definitely. There is a vaccine for the disease which is not usually recommended by WHO as it might not protect half of the people who get it. The ways for getting yourself or family protected from the disease is by drinking bottled, boiled water and having fruits that are unpeeled and protected from contamination. The vomiting and diarrhea can be prevented by the antibiotics which can help in reducing the problem. Rush to a doctor, if you do not feel okay and feel there is such problem erupting.