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About The Treatment

The name looks funny if not read carefully. But if you read it carefully, you will get the idea that it is a type of cancer. Yes! This disease chondrosarcoma is actually a type of bone cancer which occurs in the cartilage cells. The cartilage is basically a specialized connective tissue that is present in adults and bones develop from this tissue. This disease affects the cartilage tissues present in knee, femur, pelvis or arm. Sometimes, other areas like ribs can also get affected though.
The chondrosarcoma symptoms can vary depending on the position of the tumor in the body. Though, the common symptoms for this disease includes the feeling of pressure around the tumor mass, local swelling, pain that eventually increases with time and gets worse at night and might fetvrelieved by the anti inflammatory medicines and you will find a large mass present on the bone that is affected.  The reason behind the cause of the disease is still unknown. It has been observed as a very late consequence of the other cancer’s radiation therapy.  
Now, the most important thing that you must know is chondrosarcoma treatment. The treatment will be given on the basis of the overall health and the capability of the tolerance. The treatment includes chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgery, physical therapy. If you feel a lump or mass present at any bone, go to a doctor and get it checked if it shows the above discussed symptoms. Do not wait for it to get worse.