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About The Treatment

Many people think that depression is not a big problem but you are wrong then. Depression also comes under the category of diseases. It is a mental disease and must be given equal importance. This disease depression is a mental health disorder that can be characterized by the depressed mood persistently or the loss of interest in any type of activity which causes the important impairment in the normal daily life. There can be many causes for the disease like a combination of psychological, biological and social distress sources.  
The disease can be seen with the help of different symptoms. The depression symptoms includes the persistent sad mood, poor appetite, excess sleepiness or insomnia, excessive hunger or loss of appetite and the person also gets the thoughts of suicide. The person can have the behavioral issues like irritability, excessive crying or agitation. The mood swings can be sudden and very excessive. The depression is not a normal problem but is a big problem and person can suicide too.  
This self harm disease can be treated too. The depression treatment included the medications (antidepressants and anxiolytic), medical procedure (electroconvulsive therapy), therapies (behaviour therapy, psychotherapy and cognitive behavioural therapy) and the people who can help the depressed people are specialists like psychiatrists, primary care provider, clinical psychologists. If you find a person who has the above symptoms, take them to a doctor because the depressed people do not agree that they are depressed and must see a doctor.