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About The Treatment

The name might look like it is a flower, but it is a disease and that too a mental disease. Dysthymia is a mild, chronic depression and is lesser severe than the major depression. With this disease, the symptoms for the depression can also show up for a good period of time like two years or more. The people who suffer from this disease experience major depression in periods which is called double depression. The disease is caused because of the family history of depression and abnormal brain functioning. The chances of getting the disease increases with chronic illness, life stressors, relationship or work that are problematic.  
Dysthymia symptoms are sort of same like a patient that has major depression but these ones are less intense. The symptoms includes fatigue, loss of appetite, depressed mood, loss of enjoyment, insomnia or excessive sleep, hopelessness or worthlessness or guilty feeling, suicidal thoughts, physically restlessness and concentration problems. These symptoms might look normal but can lead to major depression and that’s why must be diagnosed by a therapists or psychiatrists.
The disease dysthymia can be treated also. The disease is a serious illness as it is a chronic one. The early diagnosis can help in reducing the intensity of the problem and prevent the person from having major depression. Dysthymia treatment includes the psychotherapy, antidepressants medication or the combination of both of these. If you feel someone needs to see a psychologist actually, then you must take person to a doctor.