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About The Treatment

The disease might look scary as the name is but it is not so scary. The disease erythema nodosum is a skin inflammation type which is present is the part of the skin that gas fatty layer. The disease simply results in painful, reddish, tender lumps which are located commonly in the front side of the part of the legs below the knees. These tender nodules or lumps of the disease erythema nodosum can range in size starting from a dime to a quarter. These nodules or lumps might be inflamed and then not for some period of weeks, then shrink back to become flat and leave a appearance that looks bruised like.

There are different conditions that are related to this disease and you must know about them. The conditions include cat scratch disease, infectious mononucleosis, fungal diseases, Bechet’s disease, sarcoidosis and inflammatory bowel diseases. The erythema nodosum treatment is also present and it includes the anti inflammatory drugs and cortisobe, either by injection or by mouth. The one medicine that is effective in reducing the inflammation is colchicine. There is one thing about the disease that you must know and that it is does not affect the internal organs and the outlook for long term is very good generally even though the disease is painful and very irritating.