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About The Treatment

All these have weird names, right? Well, all these three are types of infections that are caused by the bacteria Staphylococcus aureus. Folliculitis is the hair follicles inflammation because of any irritation, infection or injury and usually characterized by swollen and tender areas formed around hair follicles on buttocks, neck, face and breasts. Whereas, boils are pus filled painful lesions formed when hair follicles infection spreads deeper. Boils are usually found in areas like buttocks, waist area, under the arm and groin. Now, the carbuncles are actually clusters of boils often found on back side of the neck or thighs. 

Now, these infections can be seen or felt when their symptoms show up. The symptoms for folliculitis, boils and carbuncles include irritated red follicles, pus in hair follicles, damaged hair; pus in lump center, painful lump in skin, whitish bloody discharge from boils; fatigue, pus in boils center, fever, white bloody discharge, tenderness and pain at site, respectively. 

Now, after knowing about the disease and its symptoms, the important thing to be known is treatment. The treatment for these problems include topical antibiotics for folliculitis, for boils and carbuncles, a warm compress for drainage of lesion, surgical incision, oral or intravenous antibiotics, acetaminophen or other pain relievers. So, if anyone have these, go to a doctor and get it checked.