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About The Treatment

We get to hear the word fracture commonly. But what actually a fracture is? Well, a fracture is a break, often in the bone. The fracture is known to be compound or open fracture if the broken bone punctured the skin. The common reason for getting a fracture are falls, car accidents or sports injuries. There are other causes also like osteoporosis, low bone density because of which the bones get weak and they are then fractured easily. Stress fractures can also be caused because of the overuse but these one are like very small bone cracks. 

There are some fracture symptoms that tell whether the bone is affected or not. The symptoms includes the bruising, pain, swelling, angulation of the bone which is affected, unable to put weight on the injured area, discolored skin on the are that’s affected and no movement of the affected area. 

If anyone you know or you yourself are facing these symptoms, then rush to a doctor and get the fracture treated. The fracture is checked by an x-ray that shows whether the bone is broken, cracked or not. You might have to wear a splint or cast. In surgery, the plates, screws or pins are also used to keep bone in the right place.