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About The Treatment

You have probably heard about gallbladder cancer. If not, let me illuminate you with some information about the same. Gallbladder cancer is a very rare cancer. It is common in the areas like central and south Asia, central and eastern Europe, Japan and Northern India. It is very uncommon cancer which is related to building up of gall stones. Gallbladder stones  also leads to calcification of gallbladder which is also known as porcelain gallbladder which further leads to gallbladder cancer. 

Well, we now know that what gallbladder cancer is. But the question is how we may know that someone is suffering from this. So the symptoms of gallbladder cancer are when someone feel steady pain in the upper right abdomen, indigestion, bile or dark green color of vomit, when someone feel weakness, loss of appetite, person start losing weight, jaundice and vomiting because of the resistance. Gallbladder cancer is twice more common in women. If the person is obese, it is one of the risk factor of gallbladder cancer. 

Now how it can be diagnosed? Well, early diagnosis is generally not possible for this. People at high risk should pay attention and this is possible only if someone is aware about the symptoms or risk factors. It can be diagnosed by trans abdominal ultrasound, Ct scan, endoscopic MRI. Now question arises how it can be treated. One of the common and effective treatment is the removal of gallbladder surgically with some part of liver and lymph node. But with gallbladder removal, most of the patients die because of poor prognosis. Chemotherapy and radiation can also be used along with surgery.