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About The Treatment

Have you ever heard about the word gout? Let me clarify you that it is a kind of disease. Gout is a kind of inflammatory arthritis which is characterized by recurrent attacks of red, tender, hot and swelling of joints. There is typical rapid pain in less than 12 hours. In most of the cases the joint at the base of big toe is affected. It also results in tophi, kidney stones or urate  nephropathy. 

As I mentioned that in most of the cases the base of the big toe is affected but other joints such as heels, knees wrists and fingers may also be affected.  The joint pain usually starts over two to four hours and that too during night time. This happens mainly due to low body temperature. So if you ever feel sharp pain in your joints, fatigue along with high fever, you should not be careless because these may be the signs of you suffering from gout. If a person stands for long time, it results in elevated uric acid levels which results in symptoms including hard, painless deposits of uric acid crystals known as tophi. Extensive tophi can also lead to kidney stones. 

Now you should also be aware of the treatment. The very first aim of the treatment is to settle the symptoms of the acute attack of gout. If the attacks repeat then it can be prevented by medication that reduces serum uric acid levels. It can only be treated by medical professionals. It requires proper diagnosis. Lab tests or imaging is often required. And this is chronic because it lasts for years or may be lifelong.