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About The Treatment

I know you will definitely be scared if your hair suddenly start falling off. Whoops! I don’t mean whole of your hair will fall at once. By hair fall I mean typical hair loss. The is the problem for most of the people nowadays. During early days, mostly old people suffered from this hair loss problem but nowadays, almost every age group right from teenage to adult faces hair loss. 

Now all of a sudden, why hair fall occurs. There can be several reasons depending upon the type of hair fall. Yes, hair fall can be of several types. Both male and female are the victims of hair loss these days. Everyone is very conscious about their looks. And if someone starts having hair fall then surely there is   something to worry about. Hair fall can be because of genetic disorders. It can also be because of stress. Modern  generation  usually suffers from stress which further leads to hair fall. 

So if you are suffering from hair loss, don’t just rush on and purchase high brand famed shampoos, conditioners and hair oil because there is no such thing which will help you grow your hair. However there are some products which will help you slow down hair fall such as minoxidil (rogaine), finasteride (propecia). Hair loss is a very common problem but if it won’t be treated on time, then you may get bald too.