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About The Treatment

Do you know that head has more blood vessels than any other part of body? So, bleeding within brain or on the surface is a serious issue. Head injury is an injury to skull, brain or scalp and can range from mild bump to traumatic injury. Head injuries can be open and closed. The major types of head injuries includes hematoma, concussion, hemorrhage, edema, diffuse axonal injury, and skull fracture. 

The symptoms for the head injury show up when there is some injury. The minor head injury symptoms are a spinning sensation, nausea, headache, lightheadedness, mild confusion and temporary ringing in the ears. Whereas, the symptoms for the severe head injury are serious disorientation, seizures, vomiting, loss of consciousness, inability to focus the eyes, balance problems, memory loss, loss of muscle control, abnormal eye movements, persistent or worsening headache, changes in mood, and leaking of clear fluid from nose or ear. 

Now, there are treatments present for head injuries which depend on the severity and type of injury. The minor injuries can be treated by taking acetaminophen for pain, sutures or staples can be closed by covering with bandages. For serious head injuries, you will have to get hospitalized and there, treatment includes medications, surgery. Rehabilitation is for those where head injury is serious and there’s problem with memories or speech.