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My head is bursting! Chill, don’t worry I’m not saying that I’m some kind of bomb and my head is gonna burst. I just mean that I'm having a terrible headache. I know most of you would have suffered from headache atleast once in your lifetime and some of you might be feeling headache while reading this. Well, what is headache? Headache can be described as a pain arising from the head or upper neck of the body. 

There are two types of headache, primary headache and secondary headache. Primary headache (the headache which itself is problem like migraine) and secondary headache (those which occurs due to some other factors like if you are suffering from fever and you are feeling headache, then fever is the cause of that headache). Further these two types collectively classified into 17 kinds of headache 

1.Primary tension headache that are episodic 
2.Primary tension headache that are chronic 
3.Muscle contraction headache 
4.Migraine headache with aura
5.Migraine headache without aura
6.Cluster headache 
7.Paroxysmal hemicranias which is a kind of cluster headache 
8.Cough headache 
9.Stabbing headache 
10.Headache associated with sexual intercourse
11.Thunderclap headache
12.Headache that awakens a person from sleep(hypnic headache)
13.Headache that are persistently on one side only (hemicranias continua )
14.New daily persistent headache(chronic)
15.Headache from exertion 
16.Cranial never inflammation causing headache
17.Secondary headache due to trauma, disorders, infection, structural problems, substance abuse or with drawl. 

I know that you will surely be having headache while reading these names. There are different treatment depending upon different  kind of headache. From now on if you will feel headache, don’t just go on taking painkillers. Visit a doctor, learn about the reason and type and then get a  proper medication. 

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