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Some of the Best Heart Care Institutes in India

With increasing stress and growing pollutions and wrong lifestyles a lot of people from across the globe are now seeking quality cardiac care in India. Also known as heart care, it is one of the fastest growing segments of healthcare in India.

What is Heart Care?

Heart Care is the collective terminology that represents various treatments and surgical procedures to cure the heart or cardiovascular system from a host of anomalies, diseases and disorders. The caretakers of heart are usually a team of cardiologists, cardiovascular surgeons and specialists. Heart care consists of multiple heart conditions, such as heart valve disease; hypertrophic cardiomyopathy; coronary artery disease; congenital heart disease, heart failure; and heart rhythm disorders.

Heart Care Tourism in India

Heart care in India is a growing field where affordability is the hallmark. The competent Heart specialists having equal and critical success rates in heart diseases offering the similar results and using same technology costs about one third of western world in India. With the supreme know-how about treatment and use of technology, some of the most advanced heart care terminologies, such as cardiothoracic and tumor surgeries are done by heart care professionals in India. Heart Care in India is poised to grow exponentially due to the cost-saving factor. According to analysts, a heart bypass surgery cost in India is around USD 8,000 only, which goes up to USD 30,000 in North America. Similarly, a pacemaker cost in India would be much lower than its cost in a western country. That shows the advantage Heart Care Tourism in India has.

Heart Care in India

Heart Care is one of the most advanced forms of medical care and India is poised to become a talent center and treatment hub in the short run. Some of the heart conditions that are have similar success rates of treatment as western nations include Valvular diseases, Arrhythmias, Coronary artery disease, Hypercholesterolemia and Hypercholesterolemia. India is also advanced in terms of technology and skills when it comes to operate and treat heart diseases. Some of the procedures that may be used in heart care include Directional coronary atherectomy, Coronary artery stenting, Rotablation, Intravascular ultrasound and Balloon valvuloplasty. The country is both capable and skilled in offering all kinds of advanced heart treatments in a cost that is comparably negligible to global giants in western nations.

Best Hospitals for Heart Care in India

Metro Hospitals, Noida Fortis Hospital, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, NEw Delhi BLK Hospital, New Delhi Asian Heart Institute, Mumbai Gleaneagles Global Health City, Chennai Max Superspecialty Hospital, Delhi Artemis Hospital, Delhi The Wockhardt Heart Institute, Mumbai