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About The Treatment

Infection caused by Epstein-barr virus, we are going to talk about infectious mononuclieosis. It is often called as mono or kissing disease. it is a viral and is generally transmitted by saliva. Now let us discuss about the symptoms. There are different symptoms for different age groups.

In children, there are no symptoms seen but if there are then it is similar to that of flu like throat infection. 

Adolescents and young adults-
Adolescents can suffer fever  usually lasting upto 14 days. The fever will be mild. Sore throat for 3-5  days. Glands may be swollen- usually located around the back of the neck. Fatigue and feeling of unwellness sometimes lasts for month. Mild fever, swollen neck glands and body aches can last upto 4 weeks and even more. There may be enlarged tonsils with pus. In some cases, small red-purple spots called petechiae can also be seen on the roof of the mouth. 

Older adults- This infection is mostly seen in older adults. They less often have the characteristic symptom like sore throat. They may experience prolonged fever, fatigue, malaise as well as body pain. They may also have jaundice and liver infection.

Infectious mononucleosis is generally self treatable. There is a need for rest and only symptomatic and supportive treatment is needed. Prevention is better, so you must maintain a distance from the infected person. It generally spreads through kissing or sharing toothbrush and cups with the infected person.