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Do you go for swimming often? No, I’m not talking about the high class swimming pools. Rather I'm taking about the real rough adventurous swimming in the sea. You must be wondering, why I’m asking about this stupid question. Because we are going to talk about jellyfish stings. If you are a swimmer, then you are already aware of it. If not, then let me tell you. Jellyfish stings are common among the people who go for swimming, wading or diving in seawaters. Jellyfish can inject venom into your body with its long tentacles trailing from its body. It results in immediate pain and redness on the skin. Some jellyfish stings can cause whole body illness. 

What are the symptoms associated with jellyfish stings? Person may feel burning, prickling and stinging pain on the part where jellyfish attacked., red brown or purplish spots on the skin, itching, swelling of the area, throbbing pain. Some jellyfish can affect multiple body systems. Severe jellyfish stings symptoms may include stomach pain, nausea or even vomiting; headache may be there. You can also feel pain in your muscles, fainting, difficult breathing and heart problems. Symptoms depends upon the type and size of jellyfish.

If you have severe symptoms, then you should immediately visit your doctor. If you will not visit a doctor on time, then some complications can also be there. Always wear a prevention suit while swimmimg.