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About The Treatment

This is not a form of karate like the name might suggest. Actually, it is a serious disease which affects the spine. It is the unnatural forward curvature of the most important part of the body, that is, spine. See, if a person has spine with moderate curving, it is normal but kyphosis has excessive one. In kyphosis, the upper vertebrae become wedge shaped which causes spine top to curve forward. The cause behind this problem can be birth defects, disc degeneration, osteoporosis, Prader-Will disease or Marfan syndrome, or Scheuermann’s disease. Sometimes, bad posture also leads to exaggerated curve in the spine but it causes no long-term deformities of spine.

The kyphosis symptoms are also there but not too much. Stiffness and back pain are the basic symptoms of the disease and the complications like poor body image and decrease in appetite also show up with time. If you feel the problem showing up, consult a doctor. Kyphosis treatment will be prescribed after the problem is diagnosed. The problem can be diagnosed by MRI scan, CT scan or X-rays. After diagnosis is done, the treatment includes the medications and therapy. It can also include wearing the back brace for correcting the spine as it grows, exercises and maintaining a lifestyle that is healthy.