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About The Treatment

The name looks so weird and so is the disease. This disease is not so common but it does not mean that the thing which isn’t common doesn’t exist! This weird named disease is actually a neurological disorder. In this neurological disorder, the patient has sudden or gradual development of difficulties in understanding or expressing language. This looks like just another neurological condition but is pretty tough to diagnose. The cause behind this weird disease is the abnormal genes. In some children, it has been found that the immune system of the body attacks the parts of the parts of the brain which is responsible for the speech.

Like I have told you about the disease, it has no symptoms. The only symptom that can be seen in the people suffering from this disease is difficulty in understanding the language and speaking. But it can’t be said that every child who is unable to speak soon is suffering from this syndrome! That’s why this one is tough to diagnose. When the disease is confirmed, there are some treatments present for the suffering kids. The treatment for this disease includes medications for stopping the seizures, immunotherapy, surgery, corticosteroids, and language or speech therapy.