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About The Treatment

You might have heard this term “leukemia” very often but do you know what it is? Leukemia is actually a cancer of blood cells which is caused because of the increase in number of WBCs in blood. The increase in number outcrosses the RBCs and platelets count in the body that is must for being healthy and moreover, the extra WBCs do not work properly leading to problems. Leukemia can occur in any type of WBCs, wither in lymphoid cells or in myeloid cells. It can also lead to problems like bruising, anemia or bleeding. 

The exact leukemia cause is not known but there are things present in the environment that can trigger its development like smoking, exposure to radiations or chemicals, etc. Family history also includes to the risk factor for having leukemia. Now, the most important thing to be known is treatment for leukemia. The treatment option includes chemotherapy (drugs are used to kill cancer cells present in the bone marrow and blood), radiation therapy (high energy X-rays are used for killing cancer cells), targeted therapy (drugs are used to block specific proteins or genes that cancer cells need for growing), stem cell transplant (leukemia cells in bone marrow are replaced with new ones), biologic therapy (also called immunotherapy, helps the immune system in finding and attacking cancer cells) and surgery.