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About The Treatment

The syndromes are always strange. Well, this one is too. Li Fraumeni Syndrome, commonly known as LFS is basically an inherited familial predisposition to a range of cancers, which is because of a mutation in a gene that suppresses tumor called TP53. The resulting protein p53 that is produced by the gene is usually damaged then and gets unable to help in the prevention from development of some malignant tumors. The patients of LFS are likely to get lung cancers, thyroid cancers, skin cancers, kidney cancers, brain tumors, breast cancers, soft tissue and bone sarcomas, gonadal organs cancer. 

Now, the thing that can clarify whether a person has LFS or not is its symptoms. So, li fraumenu syndrome symptoms includes the family history chart showing the members having cancers that comes under LFS or rare cancers that showed up in the members previously. The reason behind this is that the syndrome is actually hereditary cancer syndrome. 

After about and symptoms of the syndrome comes the treatment. There’s no standard cure for LFS but patients suffering from this syndrome are usually treated like they are treated for cancers. The people having this trouble must live healthy lifestyle and often get themselves diagnosed so that they get to know about any cancer they’re affected with or not.