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About The Treatment

We all know who can suffer from this problem? Females and those, who have just become a mother. The ladies who have become mother are the ones who have to breast feed their kids but there is a problem that they face and that is, low milk production. There are many factors that can cause low milk production when a woman do breast feeding, like not breast feeding often, waiting too long for starting breast feeding, ineffective latch, supplementing breast feeding and use of some medications. Sometimes, if a woman has undergone previous breast surgery, it can also affect milk production. Other reasons affecting it can be maternal obesity, poorly controlled insulin dependent diabetes, premature birth and pregnancy induced high blood pressure. 

There are certain things that can be done for boosting milk production and they are breast feed as soon as possible, hold off on the pacifier, breast feed often, don’t skip breast feeding sessions, check your latch, be alert to feeding problems, use medications with caution and avoid the usage of alcohol and nicotine. See, the milk supply during breast feeding is important so that the health of baby is maintained with its growth. If there is some problem that you are feeling, consult a doctor or a lactation consultant and get the problem diagnosed and solved soon.