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About The Treatment

Many people out there suffer from this disease but many people do not know what exactly this disease malaria is. Let us know. Malaria is a deadly disease and is usually transmitted by the vector Anopheles mosquito. The anopheles mosquito carries the parasite plasmodium and when it bites a healthy person, the parasite is then released into the healthy person’s bloodstream. These parasite after entering the body travel to liver and mature there. After days, when the parasite is matured, they travel through the bloodstream and start to infect RBCs and the infected cells start to burst. 

After knowing about the disease, the next thing that you must know is symptoms. Malaria symptoms include nausea, high fever, headache, anemia, vomiting, profuse sweating, shaking chills, diarrhea, convulsions, bloody stools and muscle pain. These symptoms start to show up within 10 days after infection occurs. If you feel that you are having such symptoms, consult a doctor soon for getting the problem diagnosed. 

Well, when it comes to malaria treatment, it is provided in the hospital. Certain medications are prescribed on the basis of the parasite type that you’re infected with. Though, there are some cases in which the prescribed medicine might not clear the infection as the parasite can be resistant to drugs. In such cases, more than one medication or changes in medications can be used to treat the patient.