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About The Treatment

Are you suffering from fever? Feeling ache in your muscles, coughing like hell or you have runny nose these days? Then something is very wrong. Get up right now and consult a doctor because these are the symptoms of measles. Now you will be wondering what is measles. Let me tell you. Measles is a viral infection of respiratory system. The disease can spread from saliva or eating someone else’s food as it is contagious. An infected person can release the infection into the air when they cough or sneeze. Measles are also known as rubeola.

Some of the symptoms I mentioned earlier and some other are red eyes, light sensitivity, sore throat, white spots inside the mouth. A white spread skin rash is a classic sign of measles. The skin rash can last up to seven days and generally appears within first three to five days of exposure to the virus. Now that you know about what are measles, you should also be aware about how it can be treated. 

Well, there is no prescription medication to treat measles. The virus and symptoms can typically disappear within two to three weeks. However, the prescription like acetaminophen to relieve fever and muscle pain, rest to help boost your immune system, drink plenty of fluid(water), humidifier to ease cough and sore throat, Vitamin A supplements can be recommended. However there is a vaccine for measles. Prevention is better than cure. So its better to get a vaccine on time.