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Neck is an important part of our body, right? The neck is the place where the spine and the hind brain are connected. Many people out there suffer from neck pain many times. The causes of neck pain are the degenerative disc disease, neck strain, neck injury like a her herniated disc, whiplash or a pinched nerve. The other cause of neck pain can be common infections like virus infections of the throat. 

There are certain symptoms that show that you might be having neck pain. The symptoms includes the numbness, weakness or tingling feeling, trouble with lifting or gripping objects, headaches almost all the time, stiffness in the neck area. These are the normal and basic symptoms that can be seen. Now, symptoms show up and the next thing that you must do is go to a doctor and get it diagnosed. 

The treatment for the neck pain are like applying ice if you have normal stiffness or minor neck pain, avoid lifting heavy stuff, taking pain relievers like acetaminophen or ibuprofen, exercising neck every day and taking some days off from activities or sports that aggravate the neck pain symptoms. Else than treatment, it can also be prevented by maintaining a proper sitting and sleeping posture so that the neck stay straight and problem like neck pain do not show up.

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