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About The Treatment

During pregnancy, there are certain conditions that can complicate it. However, with a proper medical care, healthy pregnancy can be enjoyed. Well, the common medical condition that can be seen during pregnancy is diabetes that develop in this period and is known as Gestational diabetes. This can be dependent on insulin or noninsulin. See, gestational diabetes occur when the glucose level elevates and other symptoms of diabetes show up during pregnancy. 

The causes behind the gestational diabetes are unknown but it is said that the hormones made by placenta for maintaining pregnancy like cortisol, estrogen and human placental lactogen, have the blocking effect on insulin usually beginning at 20-24 weeks into pregnancy. With the growth of placenta, insulin resistance is increased and slowly leads to gestational diabetes when insulin production couldn’t overcome placental hormones effect. 

Now, there are specific treatments for this problem but these are off course based on the overall health, disease severity, tolerance level for specific procedures or therapies. Treatment for this problem focuses on keeping blood glucose levels normal and treatment includes exercise, special diet, insulin injections, daily blood glucose monitoring. So, if you are suffering from this or someone you know is suffering from this, don’t be scared because this problem can be handled well.