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About The Treatment

Is there puffiness around your eyes when you wake up in the morning? Is your body swelling, especially hands and feet? Does the swelling cause pain? If you are having these troubles, then you will have to get it checked because these are the symptoms of a disease called Nephrotic Syndrome. Now, what is nephrotic syndrome. Let’s know.
The nephrotic syndrome is a disease associated with kidneys. In this disease, high levels of proteins are released through urine and because of this, the protein level decreases in the blood. The thing that you might want to know is nephrotic syndrome causes. So, the answer is that the disease is a result from the damage to the glomeruli of kidneys. Glomeruli are the blood vessels that have the work of filtering excess water and waste from the blood and then sending the useless fluid to the bladder for passing it out. However, type 2 diabetes can also be caused by this disease with many others.  
After all the causes and symptoms, the most important thing that we must know is nephrotic syndrome treatment. The treatment of this disease basically depends on the age, health, medical history of the patient, the extent of the disease and how much a patient can tolerate the specific medications. The treatment for the disease have blood pressure medications, water pills, blood thinners, cholesterol reducing medications and immune system suppressing medications. Don’t take too long and get yourself checked if you feel some symptoms mentioned above are showing.