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About The Treatment

Here, we are going to talk about neurogenic bladder which is sometimes referred to as neurogenic bladder dysfunction. Now the question arises, what neurogenic bladder is? Neurogenic bladder is the dysfunction of the urinary bladder because of the disease of central nervous system or peripheral nerves involved in the control of urination. In simple words, it is difficulty and in some cases, inability to pass urine. We very well know that when we need to perform any activity, the signals are sent to our brain. In case of this neurogenic bladder, the message that needs to be sent to the brain that there is a need to urinate isn’t sent from your brain to your bladder. This problem causes you to urinate either too much or not at all. Both of which are harmful. 

Here are the symptoms associated with neurogenic bladder. The symptoms include dribbling stream when you urinate, inability to fully empty your bladder, straining when you urinate, lost control over bladder, infections in the urinary tract, leaking urine, difficulty in determining whether your bladder is full or not. If the condition worsens, then it may lead to infection in your kidneys which further leads to kidney damage. 

Cystometrogram is used to test bladder function and disability, electromyography to test bladder muscle tone and coordination, spinal and brain imaging, kidney and bladder imaging are some of the diagnostic methods for neurogenic bladder. Now, if a person suffers from this problem, doctor can suggest you to urinate at regular intervals so that your bladder is not full. Other treatments are electrical stimulation therapy, medications and catheterization.