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About The Treatment

The term explains itself, right? The ingrown hair means the grown out hair that has curled back into skin and has become infected. If the cases recurrent, then it is known as folliculitis. Normally, the new hair grow straight out of the hair follicles located within skin. With the timely maturity of hair, it exits the surface of skin and continues growing. But, sometimes, the hair curls back under skin before it has to exit the skin. This situation is known as ingrown hair.  
You know, the cause of the infected ingrown hair is that some ingrown hair occur at the place where are too many dead cells on skin surface present. These dead cells clog up the hair follicles. The ingrown hair are common in areas like legs, face, pubic region and armpits. They occur more often in men as they shave beards. The ingrown hair area is swollen, itchy, appear red and irritated.  
Now, for the treatment of ingrown hair, you can wash and lightly scrub the area for encouraging hair to loosen from follicle and exit skin, use oatmeal based lotions for soothing irritated skin, apply tea tree oil for alleviating infection and preventing from getting worse. If you get no relief, consult a doctor simply.