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When we hear the word nipple problems, we think that it is just for women but it’s wrong. Nipple problems can be in both men and women. If you are a man or woman and you feel irritation or soreness on your nipples or you find your nipples cracking, swelling, bleeding, discharging fluid or changing shape, you need to get the problem checked. Though many nipple problems do not lead to breast cancer, but there are some chances still.  
The thing that you need to know is what causes nipple problems. Pregnancy, hypothyroidism, ectasia, breast tissue injury, pituitary gland tumor and infections can lead to the nipple problems. Although there can be some small benign or non-cancerous tumors or Paget’s disease of breat that can lead to such trouble. You just have to get the problem diagnosed so that the problem does not seriously damaging to you. There is a need to check that the discharge from the nipple is from a single duct or several ducts. If only one duct is responsible, then it is more significant.  
If mammography shows that there is no abnormality, then there is no need for surgery. But the discharge can be of several textures and colors and the sample can be taken by physician to analyze it in lab so that the diagnosis can be confirmed. Now, the treatment of the disease depends on the cause as the medication will be totally dependent on that. So, get yourself checked even if you are a man. Nipple problems spare nobody.

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DENVAX is dendritic cell based cancer immunotherapy.

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