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You may have noticed that most of the kids these days are fat. Not even kids but some of the grown ups are also overweight. Being fat and being obese are both different conditions. Being fat is not bothersome but being obese can be harmful. Obesity means gaining excessive body weight. It refers to a medical condition in which a person gains excess body weight which further has negative effects on the person’s health. If you are eating too much and you don’t exercise at all, then there are chances that you may get obese. Sometimes, it is also because of the genetic susceptibility. Stop being lazy person, get up, dress up and hit the gym.

You must have mostly heard that obese people are most likely suffering from one or the other health issues. Excessive body weight leads to number of diseases. Cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, certain types of cancer and asthma are some of the diseases that are associated with obesity. So, obesity reduces life expectancy. 

Nowadays, the lifestyle is too much changed. People keep on eating fatty food. Junk food has became a fashion among people. No one is bothering you to eat it. Even I’m a lover of spicy and tangy foods, enjoy eating it but there should be a limit to everything. If you love eating fatty foods, go on, no one is stopping you but dude, don’t hate the gym then. Physical exercise is a must. Physical exercise is the only treatment but sometimes, people get too obese and in those cases, surgery is the only option.

Dr. Aloy J MukherjeeBariatric Surgery, General & Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery

Obesity Hospital - Indraprastha Apollo, Sarita Vihar, Delhi

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