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About The Treatment

The word osteo is related to bone, right? So, osteochondroma is actually an overgrowth of bone or cartilage happening at the end of bone. It usually affects the pelvis, the long bones in leg or the shoulder blade. This disease is most common noncancerous growth of bone occurring between the ages of 10 & 30. 

Now, the thing that can tell whether a person has this problem or not is the symptoms. So, the symptoms for this disease are one leg or arm is longer than the other one, lower than normal height for age, soreness of the muscles nearby, pressure or irritation with exercise and a hard painless mass that doesn’t move. Sometimes, people suffering from the problem do not have symptoms and that’s why diagnosis is important which is usually done by CT scan, X-ray and MRI. 

After reading about the disease and the symptoms, the next thing you must read about is treatment. The treatment for this problem is based on your overall health, your tendency to handle therapies and medications, your age and severity of the disease. The treatment options include surgery for removing mass and medications for controlling the pain. So, rush to a doctor if you feel you’re having this problem.