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About The Treatment

Have you ever heard about Paget’s? Well, Paget's is a disease of the bones. It disrupts the replacement of old bone tissue with new bone tissue. This bone disease mostly occurs in the pelvis, skull, spine and legs. This is caused by excessive breakdown and formation of bone as well as disorganized bone remodeling. Due to this problem, the bones weakens which results in pain. Sometimes, fractures can also be there and arthritis in the joints near the affected bone. In rare cases, it develops into primary bone cancer known as osteosarcoma. 

If the person is suffering from this disease they may have no clue of it because this do not have any symptoms and sometimes very mild symptoms. If symptoms are there, then are mostly mistaken with those of arthritis and other bone disorders. In most of the cases, diagnosis is made only after complications have developed. If this disease is affecting the skull and ear surrounding area, then loss of hearing can be there.

Paget’s further leads to some other medical conditions such as arthritis, cardiovascular disease. kidney stone is common among the people suffering from Paget’s. Nervous system related problems can also occur. Infection of jaw bone  can occur. If Paget’s is affecting the facial muscle then teeth may become lost. It is caused by slow virus infection present from many years before symptoms appear. It can be genetic too.

Paget’s is diagnosed by primary care physician. It can’t be cured yet medications are provided to relieve the bone pain and other problems associated with it. Sometimes, surgeries are also performed.