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About The Treatment

Have you heard about the word pericarditis? Well if not, let me tell you pericarditis is refers to swelling and irritation in the pericardium. Pericardium is the thin sac like membrane surrounding the heart. It is acute, as it does not last long but if symptoms develop more gradually then it is considered as chronic. 

Now, let us learn about the symptoms associated with pericarditis. Symptoms differs depending up on the type, by type I mean time span, that is acute or chronic. In case of acute, the symptoms are sharp stabbing chest pain behind the breastbone, this pain may travel into ur left shoulder and neck. However, in chronic one, the main symptom still is chest pain. It is considered as chronic if it exceeds more than three months. Some other symptoms include shortness of breath during reclining, heart palpitations, fever which is generally low grade, feeling of weakness, sickness  and fatigue, cough, leg and abdominal swelling.

It is generally caused by viral infection, it can also develop shortly after a major heart attack or after heart surgery. Some other causes include systematic inflammatory disorders, trauma. Other health disorders, certain medications. In most of the cases, it is mild and usually improve on its own but it severe cases medication and rarely surgery is needed.