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About The Treatment

Have you ever noticed redness or bleeding of gums while brushing or while using dental floss or when you bite into some hard food? Or you have gum swelling that recurs, bad smell and metallic taste in your mouth? Then you may have been suffering from periodontitis. This is a gum disease and is often known as pyorrhea. This is a serious gum infection that damages gum and can destroy the jaw bone. And if it is left untreated then it may lead to loosening and subsequent loss of teeth. 

Basically it is caused by microorganisms. These microorganisms grow on the surface of teeth. During early stages periodontitis have very few symptoms like after brushing teeth you spit out blood, apparent lengthening of teeth which is also known as gingival recession, formation of deep pockets between the teeth and the gum, loss of teeth in the later stages. However it may lead to some other conditions such as inflammation in the body, increased risk of stroke, delayed memory.

It can be prevented by proper brushing, using anteseptic mouthwash, regular dental checkups. Still if someone suffers, it is treatable. Treatment includes the cleaning of pockets around the teeth and advance cases require surgery.