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About The Treatment

Do you have high fever, cough and headache? Do you experience chest pain while breathing? Are you passing clay colored stools? Is these symptoms are there, then you must go to a doctor because these are the symptoms of Q fever. Some symptoms that also show up are diarrhea, chills or sweats, jaundice, nausea, muscle pain, shortness of breath and abdominal pain. These symptoms usually show up after 3 weeks of infection. 

Oh! What’s Q fever? Well, it is a bacterial infection which is caused by Coxiella burnetii bacteria, found in sheep, cattle and goats. It is also called Query fever. The Q fever can occur when a person breathe in dust contaminated with infected animals. The infection can get chronic too and that can lead to more complications. 

Now, the treatment of the disease is done on the basis of its severity. The mild infections resolve within few weeks without taking any treatment. The more severe infections are treated by antibiotics like doxycycline. But if a person has chronic infection, then they have to take the medications for almost 18 months to get better. So, if you know someone suffering from this problem, take them to a doctor and get them diagnosed so that they could be treated soon.