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About The Treatment

I am kind of sure that most of the people already know about rabies. If someone is bitten by a dog or some other animal, they are immediately suggested for injections, why so? So that that they would not get caught by rabies. Rabies is a deadly virus. It is spreaded to the people by saliva of infected animals, through bite or scratch. If there is non early treatment, it becomes fatal. It affects the body in two ways: (a) It directly enters peripheral nervous system and then migrates to the brain, (b) it replicates within muscle tissue, there it is safe from host’s immune system. Then from there it enters the nervous system. 

What are the symptoms associated with rabies? It proceeds in five stages;

Incubation; this is the time before symptoms appear. 

Prodrome;  early flu like symptoms appear in this stage. Fever, headache, anxiety, cough and sore throat, vomiting and nausea. 

Acute neurologic period; confusion, aggression, partial paralysis, convulsions, difficulty in breathing, fear of water, insomnia, hallucination, permanent erectionin males, fear of light. 

Coma and death; if a person enters in coma, death can occur within hours.
Vaccinations are there to prevent rabies. And if person suffers from rabies then there is non specific treatment.