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About The Treatment

Here we are going to talk about repetitive motion injury. First of all, we should know what repetitive motion injury is. The name is self explaining, REPETITIVE MOTION INJURY, injury caused by performing same motion again and again. The permanent or temporary juries to the muscles, nerves, ligaments and tendons can be caused. Well, the most common repetitive motion injury is carpal tunnel syndrome. It occurs when the median nerve that travels from the forearm through the hand through a tunnel in the wrist is compressed by swollen, inflamed ligaments and tendons.  

The causes of the same are repetitive activity, trauma, crystal deposit, friction, systematic disease. Now, these injuries are quite painful and also cause numbness, clumsiness, loss of motion, flexibility and strength in the area. The symptoms are

Tenditis: Pain over the site involved, skin may be warm and red.

Biceps: painful spot 

Tennis elbow: pain in the elbow 

Golfer elbow
: pain in the elbow which worsens by twisting the wrist 

Rotator cuff:
raising arm reproduces the pain

Bursitis:  pain, tenderness and decreased range of motion in affected area. Redness in the affected area. 

Swelling and crunchy feeling if the joint is moved. 

Treatment of the repetitive motion injury includes anti inflammatory drugs, physiotherapy, ergonomic evaluation and surgery very rare.